A Republican Nightmare

The year is 2012, Fuhrer Obama is leader of the People’s Republic of America. We observe this nightmare state, where hedonistic moralities reign as an only means of escape for depraved lives after the inevitable economic collapse. It all began after Obama’s re-election, where upon a bitter battle ensued, but in the end the Democratic forces were stronger, after pandering to the minority groups, the criminals, the homeless, the virtue deprived, feeding them a vision of a world where everyone is equal and there is no need to work to reap the benefits of a back-breaking labourers, ideologies we have all heard before and witnessed the tragic results, yet again, history repeats itself. Disregarding the men who’s grueling labours had formed this country, who had proven that the American dream, that is envied by people world-wide, was still possible in the land of the free, Obama was finally able to instigate his dark vision.

Meet Martha, she has just returned to her shack after picking up the grocery store detritus that her food stamps offer her. Martha used to be a prime example of the American dream, her husband, Joe had come to American with 10¢ in his pocket, equivalent to 1¢ now, and had worked his way up the corporate ladder, until he became head of an oil drilling firm. But all this has come to an abrupt end. Joe’s oil firm was shut down, after environmentalists convinced the government that naturally occurring weather hiccups were somehow the result of man’s paltry earth activities, they were also forced to give up their modest homes in Palm Springs, because they were deemed inconsiderate to the lower class. They now live in an occupy refuge camp, Joe has had to resort to working on an organic farm, Martha is unfit to work after a botched ObamaCare surgery has left her in a wheelchair, and most of the money they receive in their measly welfare is spent on their son who has fallen victim to the ever-growing obesity epidemic that swept the country when weed became legalized.

Then we have Stan. He used to be an avid church goer, never missed a bible study, was a loving father to his three children and caring husband to his wife Patsy. Then Obama revealed, that even though he was raised Muslim, he in fact had no religious affiliation. As the prominence of Jesus dwindled and churches were turned into whorehouses, since there were fewer and fewer way to make money in poverty stricken People’s Republic of America, Stan no longer had any moral guide to go by. He became a frequent patron of animal brothels, that began to spring up after gay marriage was legalized. In order to pay for his volatile relationship with a chimp, he had to resort to petty crime and sold his children off to be slaves in China. He now lives on the streets with a mutt named Sparkles.

Bob had a pleasant life in Albuquerque, he didn’t mind his Mexican neighbours, they were friendly enough and occasionally stopped over with a plate of enchiladas. Then he started to notice that more and more of his neighbours were Mexican. He could no longer buy a hot dog that wasn’t pre-wrapped in a  taco, or fruit that didn’t have hot sauce on it, he found himself increasingly being greeted with Hola’s and constantly being asked ¿Donde esta la oficina de inmigracion? As the immigration laws relaxed, the Mexicans started taking liberties. With guns provided by the Obama government they were eventually able to make New Mexico stand true to its name and eventually spread though all the southern states like a bad rash after eating leftover taco bell. Bob was forced to flee his beloved home or be forced into slave labour on a cocoa farm. He has taken shelter with the now outlawed and often persecuted Tea Party in cold war era bomb shelter, which also harbour Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh, who were forced into hiding as propagators of free speech.

Already the effects of Obama’s socialist regime can be felt. With the victimization of corporations, causing the job market to be drained, getting friendly with Cuba and creating a welfare state that will be dependent of the charity of China. Only you can prevent this nightmare from becoming a reality. Vote Right in this coming elections. This message has been sponsored by the Republicans for a free America.


One thought on “A Republican Nightmare

  1. piotr says:

    naive ; man you never lived in socjalism this is not how you call it it what you did about it….

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