New Dawn

“Now, I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but the world is going to end soon.”

Mr. Philips wore his customary camel tweed suit, today paired with an amber silk shirt and mustard yellow tie with forest green triangles, it had been a gift, but he had long forgotten from whom. The combination was off putting at first, but those around him soon recognized it as an outward visualization of the warmth he projected. He sat in the usual position he took when delivering news of this kind, legs an appropriate width apart, hand gently clasped in his lap, this was accompanied with a stern expression, to make sure the information was delivered in full seriousness, yet without an overbearing sensation of fear.

“For some of you this may not come as a shock, we’ve been witness to this earth’s slow decline, although some may say rapid decline as of late, society has long ago lost its moral compass, our economic structure is failing, our environment is in despair and so on. But this isn’t a cynical severe reading of scientific hypothesis I’m referring to, nor are we doomsday prophets. We are not, what we are is brutally aware, it’s really not that extreme if you think about it, the problem is that most people don’t do just that, think… about…it…”

Andrew shifted uncomfortably in his chair, the pants he was wearing were too tight around the waist, he was aware that his belly had been expanding gradually for some time, but as of yet didn’t feel compelled to take action. He was waiting for the moment when his pants no longer fit, and he would be forced to confront the issue or concede to his new body profile and buy new pants. He felt further discomfort because he was hungry, yet he didn’t know exactly where this food would be stored. ‘I’m hungry, what should I eat, meatball sub, I had that yesterday and the day before, what’s something more healthy, ham, is ham ok, tuna’s pretty healthy isn’t it, but then there’s all that mayo, I really feel like a meatball sub.’ He wished this moron would stop talking so he could take a shit, that always made him feel better, that he cleared some room in his belly before filling it again. ‘I’ll have it on whole wheat, that’s healthy, and no pop, but I need to drink something, should I just drink diet, no that’s gross, ok, no chips and whole wheat, Jesus, won’t this guy stop talking already, nobody cares. I’m hungry.’

“Take a moment right now, before I tell you anything else, and you’ll see that the concept of the world coming to an end isn’t even that far out. It’s fairly easy to imagine before even being provided with a firm support. Just stop and think about the bigger picture, never mind your routine little lives, think about the entire earth and all the disasters, famines, massacres, all going on while we live our comfortable lives, our major concerns are what to have for dinner, what cd to buy next, should we save our money to go to the Bahamas or send our kids to school, without any realization of what a messed up world we live in.”

Marie shifted her legs to cross them the other way, she rested her chin in her palm, then she noticed that Dave, sitting across from her was sitting in the same position. ‘He probably didn’t notice, but maybe he’s subconsciously aware.’ She readjusted, put her hands in her lap, bounced her heels impatiently. She glanced at Dave again, he was staring at the wall past her. ‘Fuck, he probably noticed me looking at him, again,’ she was trying hard not to look at him, but her head was rebelling, resisting only made it worse. ‘I don’t even like him anyways, he isn’t even that clever or interesting to talk to, he’s always responding in clichés, making lame jokes, but there something kinda sexy about him, he’s so sure of himself, cocky even, I would do him at least, fuck, he’s tapping his heels too, maybe he’s subconsciously imitating me, that means he’s interested, but maybe he’s just not aware of it.’ She sat still and stared at the floor.

“Now you may be wondering about the details, we always want proof. Oh, there’s proof, proof beyond a shadow of a doubt my friends. Trust me, I deem myself an educated man. I have read hundreds of books, have tried numerous religions and ways of life. None have provided me with an answer, all fell short in one way or another, all broke down when faced with stringent questioning. I’m a logical man, I’m a rational man, and only New Dawn has been able to withstand my rigorous scrutiny, once you explore it you will feel like a fool to have not realized it all earlier, the answers are right in front of us, we face them every day, but choose to look the other way and continue with our shallow, meaningless lives. New Dawn not only provides answers for our existence and how we should live our lives to the upmost, but they also offer hope and reassurance when facing the end times. ”

‘The world is going to end? Could this guy be for real?’ Justin looked around the room; the rest of the group had their heads down or were staring blankly in the distance. ‘I does kinda make sense, doesn’t it? There’s just so many fucked up things going on in the world, and it’s not like he’s one of those twenty twelve guys, he doesn’t sound like a nut job or anything.’ Justin looked attentively on, as Mr. Philips continued to speak. ‘I mean, everyone makes fun of him all the time, but everyone here’s an idiot. They’re just the type that would laugh at Noah, and then be sorry and beg for help when the flood came. Maybe I’ll talk to him after, but when no one’s around, ‘cause maybe he is crazy, you never know with people like him. What if he tries something weird? Maybe I’ll talk to him in the morning, that way if he gets weird at least I’ll know someone’ll show up soon. What would I do if it’s true? Move to Brazil or something, party it up till the end, wouldn’t have to worry about anything, mom would leave me alone, ‘cause it wouldn’t matter anymore. I’d try and make a move on Christie first, see if anything’s there, maybe she’ll join me, I bet she’d be fun Brazil, otherwise fuck her.’

“You may ask, how are we supposed to face a world when we have been provided with such knowledge? You expect us to continue our daily routine’s when we are aware that everything we know and that provides stability for our lives will come to a halt in our lifetimes? The answer is yes, and you must. The idea of death and destruction that comes with end times may depress you at first, but New Dawn’s message is optimistic, so that you can live your lives joyfully, how many of you can honestly say that you are living joyful lives right now? ”

‘Jamie saying I have a fucking temper, fuck her,’ Dave stared angrily down at the floor, supporting his head in his hand. ‘She doesn’t know how good she has it, constantly having to put up with her crap, complaining all the time, she never appreciates it when I do do stuff for her, like seeing that lame ass girl movie, she bitched and moaned so much, I can’t believe I wasted two hours and twenty bucks on that piece of shit movie. I’m so sick of it, maybe I shouldn’t even show up at her place tonight, make her realize she’s treading on thin ice. She’d come begging on her knees for me back. Marie keeps on checking me out, maybe I should just go for it, fuck Jamie. But Jamie’s way hotter, if only she could keep her fucking mouth shut. But that ass, fuck, maybe I should go over there tonight. Maybe I’ll just get her flowers or some shit, then she’ll shut up for a while, plus she’ll give me a good fuck. Wine too, then she’ll be rearing to go. Fuck, I’m getting horny,’ Dave started bouncing his feet up and down, in an effort to dispel some of his pent up energy. ‘Why does that freak keep on staring at me?’

“I’m not proposing that you should feel obligated to spread this message, you may desire to inform the ones you love, I only share this knowledge as I’m compelled by my love for mankind.”

‘What the fuck is this guy on about, is this place a cover up for some cult?’ Jodie stared in disbelief at the ridiculously dressed man. ‘Man, why am I even here? I have a fucking education, that’s more to say then the rest of this sorry bunch.’ She glared in contempt at everyone in the room. ‘Fucking Kate and her rich parents, funding her for a year to ‘discover herself,’ I could save her the time, you’re a spoilt princess Kate, who thinks you’re creating ‘meaningful statement pieces,’ you don’t fool me, trying so hard to be shocking and original, trying so hard to be original that you’re ending up like everyone else.’ Jodie relaxed her jaw, she had unwittingly been clenching her teeth, she relaxed her face out of the screwed up expression. ‘They better not pay me in post-apocalyptic redemption. Maybe I’ll just join them, it’s not like I have anything going for me right now anyways, that would show mom, forcing me to degrade myself by coming here. Fucking Kate, she should try working an honest day in her life, then she’d know what suffering is.’

“I know this is a lot of information to process, all I ask is that you spend some time just thinking about it. I’m not asking you to commit to anything or sway you to join, just think about it, and I hope that in doing so you’ll come to realize that some things don’t add up and start to question what exactly it is that is going on around us. I am always available to talk and have plenty of reading material if you wish to be one of the enlightened. Now, as for other matters, we will be issuing a new uniform next week, you can tell Linda your preferred size. There will be a health inspector stopping by sometime this month, it’ll be a surprise visit, now I know all of you approach your work with high quality standards, so just continue like this and there should be no problem. Justin, Andrew, there’s a box of pastrami waiting to be sliced, Marie, could you start training Jodie on sandwich making, we’ll need her on the front counter soon. Don’t let today’s meeting weigh too heavy on you, you are all valued employees of Tony’s and even if you don’t wish to wisely use the knowledge I have provided you, I look forward to continuing working with you in the foreseeable future, you’re dismissed.

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2 thoughts on “New Dawn

  1. Blue3lephant says:

    You have to keep up writing these short stories! Someday when you have enough of them you could publish a book or so;) No really, I just love to read your stories and I think I’m not only talking for myself.

    • jbassal says:

      Thank you so much,that’s encouraging to hear. You too should continue writing, even if you’re not somewhere exciting and new, boredom begets creativity, in my case at least.

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