A Room

Daniel entered a room. He entered a room that Edward had exited two hours before. Edward left no trace in the room except for a faint smell of medicinal topical cream. Edward had applied this cream with his shoes and jacket on, as he’d just remembered his new daily chore as he was on the cusp of departure. Daniel circled the room, lazily dragging his hand across the wall. The walls were black, odd choice of colour, yet it didn’t create an oppressive atmosphere, rather one of haste, the manner the paint job had evidently been done in. “Alright Geoff, I’m here.” Daniel perched himself on the edge of the bed and slapped his knees in anticipation. Daniel waited for two hours. The fist 15 minutes he remained in his perched position, the next he paced the room and stared idly out the window  at the parking lot, too many vans, he sat back down, then lay down, he remained like this for 20 minutes. He got up again, brushed his hand along the TV, reconsidered, it would be inappropriate, “God damn it Geoff.” Drawer, Koran, interesting choice. “Bet he forgot again.” What time was it? Daniel didn’t wear a watch, he was impractical like that. Too risky to call? Too risky. Daniel might have thought Geoff was trying to send him a message, phase him out, if it had been Geoff’s style, but it wasn’t, so he didn’t. He stared blankly at the blank TV. Geoff stood up to leave, didn’t move, he felt uncomfortable, he was told to be here. He sat back down for 23 minutes, then he stood up and left, leaving behind his clip and save coupon book.

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