The Pauper of Comedy

Late night TV seems to be the only TV worth watching these days. After being without cable for a few years coming back to it I was surprised at how far it had degraded. Half the channels are shopping networks or reality shows, which have managed to hit new lows; remember when TLC was wholesome fodder for mom. I have therefore reserved my watching time until after midnight, and after Jon Stewart and Colbert, while I lazily lay in bed, my brain too sleepy to read but still in the TV zone, I rediscovered Craig Ferguson.

Part of the charm to Ferguson is that he just doesn’t seem to care, his self-degrading approach, gives him the liberty to goof off, although not everyone appreciates silliness as a comic form. He and his sidekick Geoff, the skeleton robot, banter, inside jokes and ridiculous catch phrases. His interview approach is relaxed and quirky, he doesn’t follow the standard late night interview protocol, which mainly consists of singing praises and asking about the kids.

He’s what Letterman used to be, before got old and stopped trying. He’s wittier than Leno. He’s on before Conan, which has been shafted to an especially late time slot (for my time zone at least), He’s sharper than Kimmel, who’s alright, in a cute chuckly grandpa kinda way and I’d choose him over Fallon any day, who’s all glitz no substance, pandering to his guests, he rarely is able to blurt out a joke or come-back without giggling into incoherence.

So, although I wouldn’t make any special effort to watch Ferguson, I will stay up the extra hour, even if this means I have to wake up in five, and I’ll suffer through the brain numbing commercials, even just to see the last 5 second bit, “What have we learned in the show today Craig?” It’s always worth it for the chuckles, and I harbour a secret affection for his goofy antics, and the Scottish accent doesn’t hurt either.

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