Bad Press F*** the Police


The most common stories you hear about police these days appear to be of the scandalous sort, rash shootings, misuse of tazers, battling protesters, racial stereotyping, how come these people who are supposed to be our protectors, so often fall into the role of villain? Even in films criminals are often in the protagonist role, we sympathize with the gangsters plight, or the pathetic characters who are drawn to crime out of desperation. Cops are rarely put in a hero position, they are either shown as corrupt or unwitting victims and if they do save the day, they have to break the law in order to do so.
Although it probably not fair the bad representation cops get, criticism is an inevitable job description that come with any position of authority, and there will always be those who misuse their power and try to hide behind their seemingly untouchable guise. Romanticizing criminals may seem like an unjust representation of reality, but it rarely leads to sympathizing with everyday law breakers, or encouraging crime, other than in those already prone to it. The imbalance in positive to negative stories about the police is probably down to what sells, of course misdemeanors must be accounted for, but they media is more likely to publish a scandal than a story of praise. Even though we may turn a corner when we see a cop car, dissipate when they crash our parties, cringe in disgust when we hear another unnecessary death at their hands, we would hope that if we ever were in a moment of desperation we could rely on them. It’s an often times thankless job, and as in any situation, it’s easy to make mass assumptions based on a few prominent cases. There are heroes and there are assholes, just hope you encounter the right one at the right time.

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One thought on “Bad Press F*** the Police

  1. Anonymous says:

    In the movie “it could happen to you” Nicholas Cage Character was a good cop because he wanted to split the money with the waitress “Brigitte Fonda” but his wife did not like that ideas she was the villain in a sense.
    In “Only the lonely” John Candy was a good cop but his mother controlled him with guilt so that makes all the Jewish mothers antagonists…
    All the cops in Oak bay are assholes this is reality though they are not in the movies but they are antagonist to mankind.

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