Julia’s Picks… Cult/Indie/Underground/Foreign Films

I always wanted to have a section at the movie store, my pick’s, now, that movie stores no longer exist, it doesn’t look like this is going to happen, I have a feeling they wouldn’t be too popular anyways. Unless you’re already a fan of underground films, in which case I’m sure you’re already familiar with some of these films, I’d like to share a few of my favourites (and if you’d like to share some of yours I’d appreciate it).

Naked (1993)


If you like the subtle, dark, slightly disturbing humour and watching a wandering nihilistic intellectuals wondering why they shouldn’t hate the miserable world they life, then you may find some solace in Naked. With a similar feel to Withnail and I, Naked chronicles Johnny who get’s off on raping girls, dark I know, and meets up with his ex-girlfriend, and tries to either get back at her or back with her, by sleeping with her witless roommate, then wanders the streets of London encountering various characters and trying to get some sort of answer for existence from them.

Man Bites Dog (1992)

A Belgium underground classic, done in a mockumentry style, a small film crew follow an eloquent serial killer and are unwittingly sucked into being accomplices. The film shows how an extremely dark side to human nature can be portrayed in a somehow light fashion, and how easy it is to get led along, like the film crew.

La Haine (1995)

A social commentary of tragic circumstances that’s beautifully orchestrated, along to an awesome French hip hop soundtrack and stunning cinematography . Documenting a spoilt innocence, young kids who grow up in the projects of Paris, who are pushed to extreme action from the hateful environment they are surrounded by.

Gomorrah (2008)


Cammora is a criminal organization in Naples, Italy, it is one of the oldest and largest criminal organizations in Italy (according to Wikipedia). This film gives a glimpse into the lives of people either directly affiliated or living in the neighbourhoods where Cammora reigns. It shows an environment that it is impossible to escape from, where the only option is to join forces and hope you’ve picked the right side.

Slacker (1990)

One of, the indie star, Richard Linklater’s earlier film’s, before Dazed and Confuse, Before Sunrise, Before Sunset. Do you ever have those days when you’re walking around town and bump into a real character, perhaps they’re want to tell you a story, about something crazy that happened to them, they’re trying to let you in on some secret knowledge they’ve obtained, they’re trying to sell you something that will change your life, and in your mind you’re thinking, how do I get away from this weirdo, but at the same time, you’re compelled, curious about what they have to say, this movie is like a compilation of those run ins.

Harold and Maude (1971)

A young man attempting suicide to get attention, falling in love with an old woman,who shows him the value of life, with a soundtrack by Cat Stevens, the perfect romantic film. This is my favourite movie, it lead to a Cat Stevens obsession, I now own all his records, made me want to buy a hearse and probably inspired my love of black comedies, I even had a little thing for Bud Cort. It’s a perfect combination of tragedy and hope, macabre and upbeat optomism, young and old, life and death, ect.

Soy Cuba (1964)

Soy Cuba (I Am Cuba)

A mesmerizing film, artistically done, portrays the life in Cuba leading up to the revolution and the dire circumstances the citizens live in. After showing the desperation of the Cubans  it ends on a hopeful note, leading into the Cuban Revolution, although we all know how that turned out, having recently visited Cuba, I must say, outwardly at least, conditions haven’t improved much.

Allegro Non Troppo (1976)

An Italian answer to Fantasia, and without the constraints of Disney, it’s probably one of those, ‘better when you’re stoned’ type films, but I believe it still has merit. Musically guided animation is broken up by scenes of the orchestra that is a satire of the social classes in Italy at the time.

Conspirators of Pleasure (1996)

I first heard of Jan Svankmajer while in Prague, from a young man with a shirt full of holes and alcohol stains, gesticulating wildly trying to portray the experimental theatre he took part in, I will admit I felt slightly sorry for him, but when he had cleared the dance floor with his flailing limp moves, I had to return to the safety of my friends. Even though Svankmajer is from the Czech Republic and is one of the more well known local film makers, I think this was an apt person to recommend him to me. While rummaging through the pirated dvd’s in China I happened upon this film, I was collecting a lot of criterion collection type films since most of the selection there is either blockbuster trollop or utterly obscure, only later did I make the connection of what I’d picked up. This is not one of my favourite films by far, but I thought it was worth mentioning, considering it’s a feature length film with no dialogue, a mix of stories and odd characters, describing their weird fetishes, including one that gets off on fishes mouths, it still managed to keep me entertained, if only out of wonderment at what exactly I was witnessing. Svankmajer is a pioneer of stop animation, and you can see how he influenced others in this genre, including Terry Gilliam. As I walked away from my new friend in Pargue, shaking my head, I somehow couldn’t manage to pull my eyes away, it kinda sums up the Czech Republic and what it produces, weird and quirky, but fascinating.

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3 thoughts on “Julia’s Picks… Cult/Indie/Underground/Foreign Films

  1. jackiesshc says:

    Thanks for the movie suggestions. I, also, like to see as many undie (as I like to call them) films as I can! It’s amazing and unique, to feel like you’ve discovered something few others have seen/appreciate

    • jbassal says:

      awesome, do you have any recommendations?

      • jackiesshc says:

        “Girl Model” is the newest one I can’t wait to see. I also loved “Born into the Brothels”, that film is very special and very beautiful/saddening. I’m not sure if it’s underground, but I consider it to be “Human Centipede” that movie is so twisted and psychological.

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