The Art of Talking Loud

In most social gatherings your sure to find a pocket of individuals speaking obnoxiously loud about something ‘very important.’ These debates, or what is often the case agreements, although they are rarely aware of this because they have stopped listening to each other, show how it’s no longer a way of developing one owns opinion, getting a wider perspective on a subject, but rather a way of proving oneself. While someone else is irritatingly talking, the silent ones are busy planning their clever retorts, maybe becoming so impatient or convinced of the shrewdness of their response that they can’t resist a ‘but’ or a ‘wait.’ It seems that if anyone has happened to read a newspaper or watched the news, or maybe even have gone so far as to read a book on the subject matter, they have become an expert and their opinion is as valid as Bill O’Reilly thinks his are.

If you feel compelled to join one of these discussions, be prepared, because it will not be a matter of being intellectually superior, persuasive or adept at making a point, but in having the loudest voice.


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