All Hail Apple


The cult of Apple is at it’s peak. It became apparent after the death of Steve Jobs and people flocking to Apple stores to place their flowers, mourning as if they’d lost a dear friend, when in fact they were probably more concerned about the future of their much loved product that had become such an integral part of their lives.
Nor did Apple seem to have been affected sales or reputation wise after the exposure of the factories in China where their products are made. Unlike Nike, or other brands, that suffered a damaged reputation after a similar story surfaced. Whether users are so devoted to their products that they are willing to allow the company this slip, or they’ve gotten over the sweatshop factory story, no longer wanting to feel guilty about how their much loved products are made.
Apple users, most commonly associated with being progressive, creative, seemed to have conveniently overlooked the fact that Apple is a corporation, like McDonald’s or Starbucks, companies they may abhor, yet along with owning an Apple product comes a prestige, even a snobbery of being able to afford their products. Their products reside in a separate category, it’s iPhone and phones that are trying to be an iPhone, ipod and other subpar mp3 players, macs and everything else.
Is it a fad? Time will tell. But it will take more than bad press and death of a leader to disenchant their loyal followers.


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