President of Cool

In an attempt to regain his popularity in the only demographic he knows will stay loyal to him (if only out of sheer contempt for the corporate enemy embodied in the opposition) Obama seems to have finally initiated his campaign. Seen slow jamming with Jimmy Fallon, on the cover of Rolling Stone and doing stand up at the White House Correspondents dinner. Not only that, Obama maintains a strong online presence, where most of the important decisions seem to be made these days. Facing the most frigid candidate since Gore, and we know how that turned out, showing his down to earth side is a quality Obama is known and prized for. Yet as he faces many disillusioned youth his campaign will have to stand on firmer ground then half-baked bills that stand in limbo and a drawn out end to the war. While relying on the unpopularity of the opponent might be enough to squeeze by, there’s a greater risk that voters are just as likely not to show up as vote for Romney. Will the educated youth be convinced that their president is in touch with there concerns of environmentalism, lowering tuition, free health care, end to war and a general movement toward liberalism, or will they see it all as a campaigning gimmick.

Here’s to a snazzy new campaign slogan, but we should never lose our hope.

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