You’ll Give Me What!?

Considerations in finding a position in South Korea:

1. Location: I’ve been having difficulties deciding what would be the best city for me in South Korea.  Seoul is, to use the city’s catchphrase, ‘the soul of korea,’ but it also sounds like it’s turned into a western hub, and sooner or later I’ll miss nature, especially the ocean. Therefore, I’ve opted for Busan or another coastal city, although I worry Busan will be a foreign filled, booze infused, party centre. I even considered Jeju Island, but being 11 hours from shore by boat, even with my misanthropic tendencies may have me craving some pointless drunken talk about being a foreigner in another country. All I want is another Hangzhou, that was the perfect city, good size, good expat community, it had everything, range of restaurants, pubs, clubs, nature, cultural sites, even cheese if you were desperate, and didn’t feel too overwhelming or constraining in size.

You never know…


What you’re in for…


2. Salary: Since this is my main reason for going to south Korea, the mega dough they promise, and how this is a better option for me then living at home working at a shitty restaurant and turning into Norma Bates. I’m hoping for 2.3M+, but this may be aiming a bit high, but they seem so desperate, right?

3. All the BS just to apply: police report, university transcripts, passport (obvs, but mine was stolen, so another pain) then once you get these documents you must send them to the consulate to get them notarized, then you need to have a contract sent to you, sign this and send all your documents to Korea, then once you get them back, maybe, you can go, is that it, I guess it’s not too bad, but more involved then China for sure, although I did have trouble getting to China, but that was because I was trying to apply for my visa from Turkey, which overcomplicated matters, but they don’t need degrees and shit, just a young and willing English speaker to bring into their dragon den.

4. Getting in with a phony, good for nothing school: plenty of horror stories are out there, mostly from private schools, money grabbing, business orientated, repeat of EF Hangzhou, schools forcing their teachers to quit so they don’t have to pay the return flight home, contracts not being fulfilled, lack of resources, schools not completing the visa process and teachers being deported. Research is necessary but  not always fruitful.

5. Being Close to a Military Base: where a hate of whitey is an issue, which would be a shock compared with the utter fascination and constant stares experienced in China. If I don’t get complimented on my hair at least five times a day I may get fooled into thinking I look normal.

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