Back Again (or… This Time I Mean It)


My main inhibition about starting a blog is that it’s dated and when I’m most likely to write is after the fact of the events I’m wanting to chronicle. Also, I tend to get too personal, and not in the exciting dramatic way, revealing my sordid secrets, which I’ve managed to accumulate many off, although few of them are at this point still secret, but in the boring, trivial, mostly complaining way. Back from another trip, this time Peru, unable to put any pictures up at this time, because of ALL my SHIT getting stolen. This did not include my camera, but it did include the USB cord, so no pictures. Although I know that this should have been a learning experience for me, it was in the sense that I now know what a pain it is to loose your passport, and I have now been told by nearly everyone I’ve shared what happened with, “you should always have your passport on you,” …thanks… but a learning experience in not getting attached to material things, and not having to be dependent on money to enjoy yourself, but what followed was 10 days of complaining and mopping around a hostel in Lima watching TV, and we still managed to get our McCafe coffee, Starbucks still too pricey for us, and see the occasional movie, we felt depressed and I changed my flight to get out of there ASAP, and when our money did arrive, boy did we perk up, finally, shopping, a proper meal, pathetic. Unfortunately, when I think about my trip, it is now overshadowed by what happened to us. After two months of seeing amazing, beautiful landscapes, the nature, the people, the history, the culture, and the predominant thing in my mind is that all my shit got stolen, and I have this sour taste when I recall Peru. Let’s begin with the details of how it all went down; we were staying in this extremely cheap hostel in Cusco, 10soles a night, or about $4, Arco Iris, be warned, first all, we did even like Cusco, we being me and my friend Michael, who I was traveling with, too many tourists, annoying people trying to sell you trips to Machu, massages, ect. We left our bags overnight in the hostel while we went on a mini trip to Inca ruins, and Machu, which we didn’t end up doing cause it was too expensive and too much of a hassle, and too overdone, I felt this pressure that I HAD TO DO IT, cause I was in Peru, and was being exploited because they could charge however much they wanted to, so we return the next day, with plans to leave for Arequipa that night. We step into our hostel courtyard and are asked if we speak English, and that if we could sit down, we are told about all our shit being stolen, which included my passport, travellers cheques, jewellery, phone, clothes, my journal, a watch my dad gave me for my birthday, everything. My first reaction was disbelief, we went to check the storage room, which was actually on the outside of the hostel with this dinky lock, they had left my broken purse and a poster I had torn down in Lima and Michael’s dolphin towel. Then there was anger, just wanting to hit something, me and Michael lashed out at each other for comfort, then we went through a weird giggly phase, still in disbelief at our incredible bad luck, and then wanting to hear about others bad luck as consolation, I was unable to cry, whenever I thought about what I lost it didn’t seem significant enough to cry over, after all it was mostly clothes, and I have plenty of those, finally being a pack rat pays off. In the end, what we experienced could have been a lot worse, after hearing others horror stories, and isn’t all that uncommon, especially in Peru. It wasn’t even the first time for us, we also got mugged on the beach in Mancora. Again, kind of our fault, since we were wandering on a lonely part of the beach, and again it was a tourist town, and these two guys came running at us with a gun, but I only lost about $10, my white glasses and a Salman Rushdie book. The biggest let down of all was that it changed the course of my trip, since I was about to go to Bolivia, and then Chile, and then Argentina. But, now I’m going to Korea, so it might not have worked out otherwise, since I probably wouldn’t have had the time or the money, since the application process is quite involved.

As far is this blog is concerned, I need a focus, as now it is just a public journal, which is of no interest or use at all, but it will be a good practice ground for my writing, since I’m planning on entering journalism. So, I’d like to document things that interest me, my travel experiences and the photos I take, and will try and veer from it being too personal, which it probably will end up being because I’m a closet egoist, aren’t we all…

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